Richard H. Sander

Professor of Law

UCLA School of Law

405 Hilgard Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1476

Tel: (310) 206-7300





            Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, June, 1990

            J.D., Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, IL, June, 1988

            M.A., Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, June 1985

            B.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, June, 1978




            Law Clerkship with The Honorable John Grady, Chief Judge of the Northern District of Illinois, January-August, 1989

            Associate, Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson, Chicago, IL, 1988

            Summer Associate with Wilson & McIlvaine; Bell, Boyd & Lloyd; and Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson, all of Chicago, IL, 1985-87

            Assistant to the President, Mid Town Bank, Chicago, IL, 1981-82

            Principal Investigator, South Shore Bank Study, Woodstock Institute, Chicago, IL, 1979-81

            Vista Volunteer, The Neighborhood Institute, Chicago, IL, 1978-79




            Acting Professor of Law, 1989-94

            Professor of Law, 1994-

            Director, UCLA Empirical Research Group, 1998-





Member, Oversight and Steering Committees of “After the JD,” a longitudinal study of the careers of young lawyers, funded by the American Bar Foundation, the National Science Foundation, NALP, LSAC, and the Soros Foundation, 1999-present; Co-Chair, 2001-present

            Member of Advisory Committee for the National Science Foundation’s Program in Law and

                        Social Science, 2001-2003





            Treasurer, Rogers Park Tenants Committee, 1981-86

            Member, Chicago Mayoral Transition Team, 1983

            Student Intern, Mayor's Task Force on Neighborhood Land Use in Chicago, IL, 1986

            President, Village Terrace Homeowners Association, 1991-92

            Fair Housing Congress of Southern California, Board Director; 1990-96; Secretary, 1991-

                        1994; President, 1994-1996

            Director, Los Angeles City and County Fair Housing Assessment Study, 1994-1996

            President, Fair Housing Institute, Los Angeles, California, 1996-2001

            Adviser to Cities of Bellflower, Lancaster, Redondo Beach, Carson, Inglewood, and Huntington Park on fair housing programs and policies, 1996

            Adviser to City of Los Angeles on design and implementation of Living Wage Ordinance, 1996-


            Co-Chair, Intergovernmental Task Force (involving federal, state, county and city agencies) aimed at increasing usage of the earned income credit among low-income workers in the Los Angeles area, 1998-2000

            Adviser to County of Santa Clara and City of Oxnard on fair housing programs, 2000-02




            Roundtable Speaker on growth of legal institutions, Law and Society Annual Meetings, Oakland, California, June 1990

            Roundtable Speaker on housing segregation, Population Association of America Annual Meetings, Washington, D.C., March 1991

            Panel Discussant on methods of evaluating academic support programs, Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, January 1992

            Presented paper, "Research on the Academic Evaluation of Academic Support," LSAC conference on Academic Support, Boulder, Colorado, June 1992

            Presented paper, "Policy Options for Southern California," UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies conference, November 1992

            Speaker at two fair housing conferences, "The State of Fair Housing in Southern California," Los Angeles, 1993

            Presented paper, "The Success and Failure of Fair Housing Law," annual meeting of the Law & Society Association, Chicago, Ill., May 1993

            Presented paper on housing segregation and fair housing enforcement to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (joint meeting of Civil Rights Office and Office of Policy Development and Research) and to the U.S. Department of Justice (Office of Civil Rights), Washington D.C., October 1994

            Presented paper on Latino segregation at a symposium on Latino housing problems sponsored by La Raza Journal of Boalt Hall, Berkeley, March 1995

            Speaker at workshop on empirical research in law and economics, American Association of Law Schools, San Antonio, January 1996

            Speaker, AALS annual meeting, Washington DC, January 1997.  Participated in plenary session on affirmative action, discussing class-based affirmative action.

            Speaker, Institute of Industrial Relations roundtable, UCLA, April 1997.   Gave talk on study of LA's living wage ordinance.

            Speaker, University of Miami School of Law, February 1998.  Gave talk on the causes of housing segregation.

            Invited seminar presentation, Northwestern University School of Law, September 1998.  Gave talk on the "gender gap" in law schools.

            Speaker, Association of Public Policy and Management (APPAM) annual meeting, New York, October 1998.  Presented results HUD-funded study of lending discrimination in Los Angeles.

            Speaker, Boalt Law School, April 1999.  Spoke on student performance in law school, focusing in particular on the effects of the UCLA's public interest law program on student performance.

            Presented paper, “Empirically Testing a Computational Model:  the Example of Housing Segregation,” University of Chicago, October 2000; UCLA, October 2000

            Speaker at public meetings on proposed minimum wage ordinance, Santa Monica, California, September-October 2000; August-October 2002

            Served as discussant at a presentation by Richard Lempert, UCLA School of Law, September 2000

            Speaker on race-blind admission policies, National Academy of Scholars, San Francisco, California, January 2001

            Presented paper-in-progress, “The Happy Charade:  An Empirical Examination of the Third Year of Law School,” UCLA School of Law, April 2001

            Speaker on housing segregation and commentator on three student presentations, “First Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration,” UCLA, May 2001      

            Speaker, “Rethinking Living Wage Policy and the Entry-Level Workforce,” Employment Policies Institute Conference, Washington, June 2001

Presented paper with Mitu Gulati, “The Happy Charade: An Empirical Examination of the Third Year of Law School,” Georgetown University, November 2001

Presented paper, “The Happy Charade: An Empirical Examination of the Third Year of Law School,” (plenary meeting) and hosted a follow-up panel to discuss research on alienation among law students, Annual Meeting of American Association of Law Schools, January 2002

Presented research on the Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance, University of California, Riverside, February 2002

Presented paper, "The Los Angeles Living Wage:  Who Bears the Cost?" at conference on Living Wage Research, University of California, Riverside, April 2003 (coauthor presented paper due to daughter's birth).

Presented paper, "Why Are There So Few Lawyers?" at the Law & Society meetings, June 2003 (co-panelist presented paper due to daughter's illness).

Co-presented paper, "Initial Findings from After the JD" at Legal Education section of the ABA annual meetings, San Francisco, August 2003.

Presented paper, "A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools," UCLA School of Law, November 2003.







            “Santa Monica’s Minimum Wage: Assessing the Living Wage Movement’s New Frontier”

            (with E. Douglass Williams), Economic Development Quarterly (forthcoming 2004).


“A Computational Framework for the Study of Urban Segregation” (with Darren Schreiber) (submitted to American Journal of Sociology, January 2003).


            “The Happy Charade:  An Empirical Examination of the Third Year of Law School,” (with Mitu

            Gulati and Bob Sockloskie) 51 Journal of Legal Education 235-66 (2001); republished (with extended footnotes) as Chapter 4 of Sherwyn &Yelnosky, editors, NYU Selected Essays on Labor and Employment Law, volume 2 (2003).


            “Living Wages and the Problem of Inequality in California,” (with E. Douglass Williams and Michael Blakley), Daniel J.B. Mitchell and Patricia Nomura, eds., California Policy Options 62-83, School of Public Policy and Social Research, UCLA (2001).


“Empirically Testing A Computational Model:  The Example of Housing Segregation,” (with Darren Schreiber and Joseph Doherty), Proceedings of the University of Chicago Conference on Computational Modeling (2000).


"The Tributaries to the River," 25 Law & Social Inquiry 557-63 (2000).


            "Housing Segregation and Housing Integration:  The Diverging Paths of Urban America" Miami Law Rev. (1998).


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            "Using SAS/PC and SAS/Access-DB2 Interface to the Online Census Databases:  An Application to the Legal Profession," (with Vivian Lew) 18 OAC Perspective 35-44 (1994).


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            "Individual Rights and Demographic Realities: The Problem of Fair Housing," 82 Northwestern University Law Review 874-939 (1988).



Recent Unpublished Work and Works in Progress:


            "A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools," 57 Stanford Law Review (Forthcoming, 2004)


“After the JD: First Results of a National Study,” Report to the 2003 Annual Meeting of the ABA from the AJD Coordinating Committee, August 2003 (with Ronit Dinovitzer, Bryant Garth, Paula Patton, Joyce Sterling, and Gita Wilder).


            "Why Are There So Few Lawyers?" (draft presented at the Law and Society annual meetings, June 2003).


            "The Los Angeles Living Wage:  Who Bears the Cost?" (with E. Douglass Williams) (draft circulated and presented at

            conference, April 2003).


            "Through the Gender Gap" (work in progress with Kris Knaplund and Kit Winter).


            "Class in American Law Schools" (work in progress).




Published Reports:


            The Economic and Distributional Consequences of the Santa Monica Minimum Wage Ordinance (with Joseph Doherty and E. Douglass Williams), published by the Employment Policies Institute (2002).  (Available at


            Fair Housing in Oxnard:  An Assessment of Conditions in 2001, commissioned and published by the City of Oxnard, 2002.


            Fair Housing in Santa Clara County:  An Assessment of Conditions and Programs, 2000-2002, commissioned and published    

            by the County of Santa Clara and six cities in Santa Clara County, 2002.


            An Economic Analysis of the Proposed Santa Monica Living Wage (with E. Douglass Williams and Joseph Doherty,

            published by the Empirical Research Group, September 2000.


            The Cost of Living for Garment Workers in Los Angeles County (with Joe Doherty), published by Empirical Research Group,

            October 1999.


            An Empirical Analysis of the Proposed Los Angeles Living Wage Ordinance, (with E. Douglass Williams) commissioned and published by the City of Los Angeles (January 1997).


            Fair Housing in Los Angeles County:  An Assessment of Progress and Challenges, 1970-1995, commissioned by the City and County of Los Angeles (1996).


            "Fair Housing Policy in Southern California: Achieving the Goals," in Policy Options for Southern California (ed. by Allen J. Scott, Los Angeles:  UCLA, Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, 1993). Working Paper No. 4


            The Future of Uptown-Edgewater: An In-Depth Look at Neighborhood Change (Chicago:  Organization for the North East, 1985).


            Process for a Housing Policy:  A Report to the Mayor of Chicago (Contributing writer and participant on the Chicago Mayoral Transition Team) (1983).


            Evaluation of the Illinois Neighborhood Development Corporation (with the Woodstock Institute, a report published by the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, 1982).



Doctoral Thesis:


            "Housing Segregation and Housing Integration:  The Diverging Paths of American Cities"