Proposed California Bar Study

Introduction and Overview


Explanation of materials on this webpage


Our Proposal to the California Bar

Our initial proposal to study bar data, Sept. 2006

Follow-up memo addressing Bar and Law Schools' concerns, Nov. 2006


NSF proposal

Outside reviews of NSF proposal, Round 1

Outside reviews of NSF proposal, Round 2

Project Description from August 06

Summary of NSF reviews

Project Description from Jan. 07


Supporting materials

Klein 1988 Mismatch Study

Letter from Leading Empiricists

Letter from Bill Warren and Mark Grady

Letter from Carl Auerbach

Letter from Parham Williams

Letter from 22 educators

Letter from John Steele

Letter from U.S. Civil Rights Commissioners

Letter from Vik Amar to Bar, Jan 07


Cal Bar Memos

Jan. 22, 2007 memo from Barbieri

June 23, 2007 memo from Barbieri

Membership of California Bar's Committee of Bar Examiners


Kidder critique

Critique from William Kidder

Reply to William Kidder


SALT letter of opposition

Letter from SALT


Bar's Summer 07 Decision

Gayle Murphy's letter of July 31, 2007

Our Reply to Gayle Murphy


Media Coverage

Harris and Allen in National Law Journal